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ADJOURNMENT - Intercept Youth and Family Service; Burpengary State School

October 10, 2017

I am very happy to speak in support of a local organisation in the Morayfield electorate, Intercept Youth and Family Service based at Caboolture. It is an outstanding local service providing support to young people and helping young people lead productive, positive lives. It ensures that we intervene early when we identify young people who might have challenges in life or who might be making some wrong choices. I am very pleased to have the Attorney-General present because she has a big role to play when it comes to supporting young people in our state, particularly with the reforms that we have led in the youth justice space. This is all about making sure that we support young people to be good citizens and ensure they make good choices in life. With the support of organisations like Intercept in Caboolture, we are making some great headway in Caboolture in supporting those young people to make good decisions in life. 

Last Friday night Intercept hosted a trivia night in Caboolture and it was very well attended by members of the broader Caboolture community. I was very pleased to see so many different organisations supporting Intercept and the good work they do. They raised over $5,000 that night from a trivia night. It goes to show that people can raise good money from a good trivia night. It was great to see people from the Caboolture Youth Justice Centre there supporting Intercept as well as Caboolture Snakes Rugby League, Headspace Caboolture and many other organisations. I pay tribute to Michelle Barton and her team at Intercept for the good work that they do in Caboolture. I am very proud of that organisation and I very much enjoy working with them every single day. 

I also acknowledge a great milestone in our community—that is, the completion of the new hall at Burpengary State School. It is a magnificent project which took a consortium approach to funding infrastructure at the school. This was a novel way of ensuring that we were able to provide the facilities for the great kids at Burpengary State School. I have to acknowledge the principal, Brad Fox, as well as the P&C President, Wayne Summersford, for bringing together that consortium.

The funding for that project came from P&C funds, a P&C loan, the state government through Education Queensland and a local basketball club. That happened because the school was able to build this project in a way which not only accommodated the hall features but also provided a basketball court for our local basketball team to train, practise and compete. It was a $1.5 million project taking a consortium approach. It goes to show that when members of our community work together across our community we can deliver great outcomes. I take my hat off to the school. It is a great piece of infrastructure and it is a great, fitting testimony to 140 years of education at Burpengary.