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Adjournment - Burpengary State School; Caboolture Snakes Football Club

May 25, 2016

In the Morayfield state electorate there are numerous outstanding schools and sporting organisations doing great work every day. I grew up around the corner from Burpengary State School and have great memories of its school fetes, election days held at the school and practising my athletic prowess on the school’s long-jump track. Burpengary State School is a proud school with a proud history. Originally built in 1876, Burpengary State School will this year celebrate 140 years of providing quality education to our local community.

In the spirit of the school’s motto ‘Straight to the Goal’, the school community has been working hard to build partnerships to deliver the very best facilities for students of Burpengary State School. This commitment to providing the very best for its students led to the P&C taking out a Treasury loan many years ago to fund the construction of a large undercover area for the school. Aptly named the P&C Building, this undercover area has served Burpengary State School well for many years. It is important to acknowledge that, without the foresight and commitment of the P&C, that undercover area would likely not exist.

It is now with some excitement that the school, the P&C and community partners plan the next chapter for Burpengary State School. Since being elected last year, I have been working with the school’s principal, Brad Fox, and the P&C, including the P&C’s president, Wayne Summersford, to plan the upgrade of the undercover area to create an enclosed hall for the school. That is an ambitious project and will need significant funding from multiple funding sources, including a new Treasury loan to the P&C.

In advocating for funding for this project, I would like to thank the Minister for Education and the Treasurer for giving me a good hearing on behalf of the school. This is an outstanding project that will mean a great deal for the Burpengary State School community. To that end, I call on the Queensland government to give thorough consideration to providing funding for this project in the next Queensland state budget.

While speaking about important projects worthy of support in this year’s Queensland state budget, I also highlight the proposal to create new soccer playing spaces at the Moreton Bay Central Sporting Complex at Burpengary. Those new soccer fields will end the long wait for a new home for the Caboolture Snakes Football Club. The Caboolture Snakes Football Club is an outstanding local club that has been contributing to our community for many years and the club has been looking forward to moving to new playing fields for many years.

In conjunction with the Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Caboolture Sports Club, the mighty Snakeys have been very patient and have worked very hard to plan this project. To that end, I call on the government to also give through consideration to providing funding for this project in the next Queensland state budget.