Watershed investment to support victims of Domestic Violence

30 November 2022

The Palaszczuk Government will invest $100 million in a raft of reforms and initiatives to provide enhanced support and protections to those caught up in domestic violence.

 The suite of initiatives includes hundreds of extra Queensland Police Service staff to provide specialised support, advocacy and liaison services for the victims of domestic violence.

 Every reform and initiative is aimed at protecting and supporting the vulnerable.

 The watershed reform program is in response to the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry which examined Queensland Police Service responses to domestic violence and other associated issues.

 Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the reform package was a defining moment.

“The Commission of Inquiry process has been challenging, difficult and painful for all concerned,” the Premier said.

 “Feelings are raw. But we now have an opportunity to do better.

 “The Commission has given us a roadmap for reform.

 “And that is the road we will take.

 “A $100 million investment that will deliver, among other initiatives, more victims liaison officers, more domestic and family violence support workers in police stations, more specialist domestic and family violence officers and more specialist Police Prosecutors.

 “My heart goes out to every person who finds themselves caught up in the scourge of domestic violence.

 “When I was a child people rarely spoke of domestic violence.

 “But the world has changed and now thankfully we do speak of these matters.

 “And now we have a renewed opportunity to make sure that victims get every support they need and deserve.”

 Police Minister Mark Ryan said the Commission of Inquiry made it very clear that the Queensland Police Service would need additional personnel to support better responses to domestic and family violence.

 “The Palaszczuk Government is committed to eradicating domestic and family violence and we support the intent of the recommendations which provides a roadmap for reform which will support the QPS in better responding to domestic and family violence,” he said.

 “However, we must start this reform journey by first acknowledging the report’s conclusions. This report clearly shows that people have been let down by the system. 

 “We acknowledge your experiences and I am determined to support system change and system improvement.

 “Given the significance of the recommendations, further consideration will be required to ensure their harmonisation with other report recommendations including the two Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce reports, the Mazerolle report, Coaldrake’s reform work, the COI into the CCC and various coronial recommendations. 

 “It is expected that these additional resources will number in the hundreds.

 “And I note that the Queensland Police Union has already estimated that more than 1,000 additional personnel may be required. 

 “And these extra numbers will be in addition to the more than 2,000 extra police personnel the government is already delivering.

 “But these additional personnel are important because they will provide the Queensland Police Service with enhanced capabilities to support and protect the victims of domestic violence.”

 The reform package also includes a number of initiatives that address cultural issues within the Queensland Police Service that were raised by the Commission of Inquiry.

 “A good police officer is the best friend a community can have and we want to ensure that every member of the Queensland Police Service is the best they can be.”

 $100 Million Reform Package highlights:

- Roll-out of 300 domestic and family violence support workers in police stations across Queensland

Roll-out of 30 additional domestic and family violence liaison officers across Queensland

- Roll-out of 30 additional Cultural Liaison Officers across Queensland

- Roll-out of 10 additional specialist Police Prosecutors for Circuit Court

- Appoint Special Coordinator for Police Reform


Link to report - 

The Report (qpsdfvinquiry.qld.gov.au)