Watershed investment to establish Marine Rescue Queensland brings all our brave volunteers together

26 October 2022

The sweeping reforms of Queensland’s frontline capabilities to keep Queenslanders safe will mean for the first time all of our brave marine rescue volunteers will be on the same team.

The establishment of Marine Rescue Queensland, which brings together volunteers from Volunteer Coast Guard Association and Volunteer Marine Rescue, will mean Queensland has a single, unified rescue capability on all of Queensland’s waterways.

The establishment of Marine Rescue Queensland will also mean a substantial uplift in funding and resources.

The Palaszczuk Government’s investment in marine rescue services will eventually increase six-fold and result in on-going annual funding for Marine Rescue Queensland of $27 million.

This certainty with funding, supports the already well-progressed transitional work underway.

This will mean more modern vessels that are better equipped and better maintained to provide our valuable volunteers with an enhanced capacity to keep Queenslanders safe on the water.

This investment will also for the first time, fund permanent support staff for marine rescue operations.

In addition, Marine Rescue Queensland will be better aligned with Queensland Police Services Water Police further cementing the already close relationship our volunteers have with Water Police.

Emergency Services Minister Mark Ryan said all of these reforms have one overriding goal.

“The sweeping reforms we are introducing all have one objective and that is to provide an enhanced ability for our frontline responders to keep Queenslanders safe.

“By combining our volunteer rescue efforts into a single entity, Marine Rescue Queensland, and having it work even more closely with Water Police will mean better coordination.

“And the very significant boost in funding will mean a significant uplift to support better equipment, better boats and more support services for our wonderful volunteers.”