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Palaszczuk Government to air-condition all Queensland schools

March 03, 2020

All state schools in the Caboolture area will now be air-conditioned under the Palaszczuk Government’s $477 million Cooler Cleaner Schools Program.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said that all remaining Queensland schools outside the Cooler Schools Zone will be air-conditioned.

“I’m absolutely delighted to announce that on top of the 301 schools we announced late last year, all Queensland school classrooms, libraries and staff rooms will be air-conditioned by June 2022.

“Importantly, this funding also covers the ongoing maintenance and replacement of units.

“Our program will also see an expansion of the ACES program to account for the extra energy consumption which will come from all the new air-conditioning units being installed.

“Our announcement today proves that we are getting on with the job and rolling-out air-conditioning in schools in a fiscally-responsible manner.

“In contrast, under the LNP’s policy, these schools might not see any air-conditioning until 2028 – we’re getting it done within two years.

“Who knows how many teachers will need to be sacked or programs cut to pay for the LNP’s uncosted promise.

“This announcement is a huge win for our Queensland students and staff,” the Premier said.

Morayfield MP Mark Ryan said the announcement was a great outcome for 11 local schools in his electorate.

“This is fantastic news for students and teachers in my local schools who will be over the moon,” Mr Ryan said.

“Our fabulous P&Cs and broader school communities have done so much in their fundraising efforts over the years and I pay tribute to their tireless work.

“This government funding will allow local schools to build on the great work already done by P&Cs and their wider school communities.”

Education Minister Grace Grace said the announcement was a great outcome for all schools in the Caboolture area with over 290 learning spaces to be air-conditioned.

“I know from my regular visits to schools all across the state just how deeply this issue is felt so this great news for students and teachers in these local schools,” Minister Grace said.

“All 1,249 Queensland schools will benefit from this program which will also include all new schools and new buildings,” she said.

Key measures of the $477 million Cooler, Cleaner Schools program include:

- An additional 644 schools to be air conditioned by mid-2022 (including 301 already announced)
- 1000 jobs installing, repairing and maintaining school air-conditioning
- 80,000 school rooftop solar panels to meet running costs (in addition to our $97 million ACES Program already announced)
- Schools/classrooms who already have air conditioning will not have to pay to have them serviced or replaced in the future

Minimbah State School; Caboolture East State School; Caboolture Special School; Caboolture State High School; Tullawong State Schoo;l Caboolture State School; Morayfield State School; Bellmere State School; Tullawong State High School; Morayfield East State School; Morayfield State High School.

Burpengary Meadows State School