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More trains for Moreton Bay commuters

June 25, 2019

Caboolture and Redcliffe Peninsula line commuters will have more trains to choose from when Queensland Rail introduces hundreds of services and delivers an extra 200,000 seats across the south east next month.

Stats Member for Morayfield Mark Ryan said from July 29, Queensland Rail would introduce 430 weekly services throughout its network, including 11 services on the Caboolture and Redcliffe Peninsula lines. 

“It’s great news for commuters with the bulk of the extra services delivered in peak travel times,” Mr Ryan said.

“Queenslanders are returning to public transport, with commuters on-track to beat the record 182 million trips taken in 2017/18.

“This will include an extra Caboolture peak service departing Caboolture at 7.29am Monday to Friday, and an extra peak service in the Friday timetable departing Caboolture at 7.47am.

“In total, five extra Caboolture line services and two Redcliffe Peninsula line services will be added to the Friday timetable, to establish a consistent timetable Monday to Friday.”

Additionally, from July 29 all weekend Caboolture services will run to the consistent express stopping pattern, which means weekend trains will run express from Petrie to Bowen Hills, stopping only at Northgate and Eagle Junction.

“Queensland Rail has worked hard behind the scenes to restore the complete 8,290 weekly services on its south east network, following the largest driver recruitment campaign in its history.”

Since October 2016, 172 drivers have completed their training and are now operating across the network, with a further 79 currently in training.

Member for Kurwongbah Shane King said in addition, a further 59 existing services would also be upgraded to full-length trains across the south east.

“New six-car services will be introduced alongside 46,000 extra seats added late last year when Queensland Rail upgraded 193 three-car services,” Mr King said.

“This will include upgrading four Caboolture line services, Monday to Friday, which depart Roma Street at 4.24pm and 4.42pm and Caboolture at 4.35am and 6.05am.”

Member for Pine Rivers Nikki Boyd said these new services across the south east and upgrade of three-car services would better connect Queenslanders to work, home and services.

“Queensland Rail has conducted extensive readiness activities to make sure these new services transition as best possible, so commuters have more options, more frequently,” Ms Boyd said.

“The new services and six-car upgrades will deliver 200,000 more seats for Queenslanders each week.”

Some adjustments to existing services will also be implemented from 29 July to improve the consistency of Queensland Rail’s timetables.

Queensland Rail encourages customers to re-plan their journey, by visiting