Keep watch to protect our schools this holiday

25 June 2015

State Member for Mark Ryan MP is urging the local community to keep a close eye on local schools during the holiday break.

Mr Ryan said the Queensland Government’s School Watch program encouraged all members of the community to help protect schools from would-be thieves, vandals and arsonists. 

“Our schools are hubs for our local community and they belong to all Queenslanders so we can all play a part in helping protect these valuable facilities,” he said.

“I am asking our community to report any suspicious activities on school grounds 24/7 by phoning 13 17 88 or contacting the police.

“It might be the sound of smashing glass, voices on the school grounds or other suspicious activity around our schools.

“It’s important that we report incidents but people should not respond or interfere and put themselves at risk of harm or injury.

“That’s why School Watch encourages our community to Look, Listen, Report.”

Mr Ryan said State Government Security had received more than 700 school watch calls in the last 12 months.

“Our school safety measures include electronic security systems, alarms, 24-hour security patrols by State Government Security Service and monitoring by police,” he said.

“But it’s also important for our community to work together to help keep schools safe and protect them from damage.

State schools will be closed from Friday 26 June to Monday 13 July.

Report suspicious activity on school grounds to 13 17 88 or the police.