Good news for employers and employees

08 June 2015

State Member for Morayfield, Mark Ryan MP has welcomed news that WorkCover insurance premiums will stay the same for the 2015-16 financial year.


“This is good news for employers who continue to enjoy the lowest average workers’ compensation insurance premium rate in Australia,” Mr Ryan said.


“And it will soon also be good news for employees when the harsh and unfair common law amendments introduced in 2013 by the previous LNP Government are reversed,” Mr Ryan said.


In announcing the news, Treasurer and Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations Curtis Pitt said that the decision is a great result for Queensland business, particularly for those businesses that get a competitive advantage when they trade interstate.


“The strong performance of WorkCover can be attributed to the previous Labor Government’s 2010 workers’ compensation legislative reforms, whose benefits are now being realised.


“It is because of those reforms that the scheme is on a very healthy financial footing.”


Mr Pitt said the Queensland Government was committed to restoring fairness to Queensland’s workers’ compensation scheme.


“That means fairness to both workers and employers,” Mr Pitt said.


“The harsh and unfair common law amendments introduced on 15 October 2013 by the previous LNP Government are only now starting to flow through in the claims data.


“The unfairness of the LNP’s Work Compo scheme isn’t being seen yet, because many claims haven’t been lodged.


"The Queensland Government is acting quickly and decisively to right the wrongs of the Newman era.”