Climate is right for new stand-alone Fire Fighting Department

26 October 2022

The Palaszczuk Government’s sweeping frontline response reform package includes the establishment of a dedicated, stand-alone Queensland Fire Services Department.

The review of frontline responses undertaken by KPMG identified the impacts of climate change required a dedicated fire-fighting entity and renewed focus on fire-fighting capabilities.

The Fire Services Department will incorporate existing Fire and Rescue Service personnel and resources.

But in addition, the Rural Fire Service will be hosted within the new department, as a separate entity with its own dedicated budget.

The reform package includes a significant boost in funding and personnel.

There will be an additional 143 firefighter positions for Fire and Rescue operations, bringing the total commitment of the Government to an additional 500 firefighter positions over six years from July, 2020.

The Rural Fire Service entity will get a resources boost with more than 100 extra positions and funding for new appliances, facilities and equipment.

Emergency Services Minister Mark Ryan said a changing climate posed challenges that demanded an agile response.

“The KPMG report clearly identified that the changing nature, severity and frequency of severe weather events poses significant challenges.

“The report recommended the changes we are making to establish a dedicated fire department, and reforms will mean more personnel, more and better resources for fire service in Queensland.

“Our emergency services staff, officers and volunteers have always gone above and beyond to protect the community and it is only right that the government and Queenslanders provide them with the personnel and resources needed to support their selfless efforts.”